Portable photometric analyser

BILITEST-M is fully automatic measurement device, intended for objective evaluation of hyperbilirubinemia level of newborn infants. Non-invasive transcutaneous method is used. It is screening method for discovering group with danger of heavy hyperbilirubinemia progress.
Using of the device reduces the amount of newborn infants, subject to blood bilirubin examination. The device provides possibility of the detailed observance of hyperbilirubinemia progress of newborn infants (also of children with jaundice hepatitis forms). Using the device provides also continuous tracing of therapy effectiveness.

A non invasive bilirubin meter BILITEST-M measures transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) index in derma of new-born infants. Good correlation takes place between BILITEST-M readings and serum bilirubin concentration.

Analyser is a miniature (40x70x170 mm, weight - 300 g) two waves spectrophotometric device which displays a numerical TcB index on the liquid crystal screen.

BILITEST-M is the most reliable assistant for neonatologist.

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