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is recommended by The Russian Health Ministry for equipping of medical institutions of any level (instruction #380, December 25, 1997)

MiniHEM was awarded the Gold Mark All-Russian mark (III millennium). Quality Mark of 21 century(left)
and the medal of All-Russian Exibition Center (right)

A leader of sales on Russian market, MiniHEM is being produced by Russian manufacturer Technomedica for 16 years. Besides, MiniHEM is exported to South African Republic, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Great Britain, Sweden.

MiniHEM – is a portable and at the same high performance device with full automated calibration process. No adjustment or calibration is needed for device maintenance. There is no need neither in calibrating solutions nor in qualified service.
Measurement range is from 0 to 360 g/litre, photometrical accuracy is 1%.
20 microlitres (or 10 microlitres) of capillary (or venous) blood is required for the measurement. Photometry probe can be prepared using one of two different transforming solutions:
- for MiniHEM 540 hemoglobin-cyanide technique is used. Probe preparation takes ~20 minutes, probe volume – not less 1 ml.
- for MiniHEM 523 0,04% ammonia solution as a transfor-ming solution is used. Probe preparation takes 1 sec, probe volume – not less 1 ml.
Result is displayed on LCD in gram/litres. Power supply is provided by 3 AA size batteries, the lifetime of a single battery set exceeds 1,000,000 measuring cycles. Besides it, an external AC/DC adapter can be connected through a built-in socket. No turning on/off is needed because MiniHEM is continuously in standby power-saving mode. Measuring cycle takes no more than 1 sec. The cycle starts automatically after placing a cuvettte with a probe into the measuring cell. Measures can be repeated in each of 2 seconds. Use of glass or plastic 10 mm cuvettes and glass tube with 12 mm round is also available.
Dimensions are 178x128x43 mm, weight is less than 300 g.

Note: Full analog MiniHEM 523 instrument has been issued by DHT Haemoglobinometer brand a few years ago.
Currently available only MiniHEM 523.
Please refer to the Standard Operating Procedure Haemoglobin Measurement using DHT Haemoglobinometer